Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Believe"

I love good quotes. There's something about a good quote that when after you read it you feel inspired. You have something in you that wants to become better and you have the motivation to try! Here are several of my favorites:

"I Believe....
in saving for a sunny day.
I believe that being organized is highly overrated.
Until I can't find my car keys.
Played correctly, I believe that checkers can be a contact sport.
I believe that the job of a best friend is to make you laugh
until you hiccup (or wet your pants).
I believe in singing in the shower so loud the neighbors complain.
I believe a splash of color and a dash of pattern beat a diet any day.
I believe in letting myself shine!"
( Dress barn ad)

"To be nobody but yourself in a world
which is doing its best, night and day,
to make you into everybody else
means to fight the hardest battle which
any human being can fight;
never give up that fight."
(E.E. Cummings)

"When you live close to God and his infinite grace,
you won't have to tell, it will show in your face!"
(Elaine S. Dalton)

"Everything can be taken from a person but one thing;
the last of the human freedoms- to choose
one's attitude in any set of circumstances,
to choose one's own way."
(Victor Frankl)

"Man is free the moment he wishes to be."

"Real integrity is doing the right thing knowing that
nobody is going to know whether you did or not."
(Oprah Winfrey)

"In our afflictions we become acquainted with God."

"We need to stand by Jesus at all times, in all places,
even unto death. For that is how he stood by us!"
(Jeffrey R. Holland)

"There are things that people never want to let go of,
people we never want to leave behind.
But keep in mind that letting go isn't the end of the world,
it's the beginning of a new life."
(Bernie Siegel)

"Let go. Why do you cling to pain?
There is nothing you can do about the wrongs
of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold onto the
very thing which keeps you from
hope and love?"
(Leo Buscaglia)

There are so many that it would take all day to post them on here. So these past couple of days I have been thinking about how hard it is to see someone else struggle. You want to take the burden from them. It's hard to see someone you love go through a hard time in their life. I have a friend that is going through something right now and I just want to help them. I want to tell her it will all be ok, but she doesn't believe me. I felt helpless for the longest time. I didn't know what to say or do. Everything I said she shut down. I wrote a poem to help me get my thoughts onto paper. I realized that helps me a lot. It didn't take me long to realize that I can't fix this for her. She needs to turn to God.

"I Love You"
Words trapped within my broken bleeding heart
They long to escape, but from my mouth they won't part.
I want to fix this, I want to make her whole
I know she is hurting, her innocence was stole.
Her sorrow turns to bitter coldness, she is hate
I tell her thru the atonement comes a clean slate.
She tells me to shut up and leave her alone,
I look at her with longing, her face turns to stone.
I shout to her... wake up, look around
Where is this boy, his face i will pound.
You made a mistake, but fixed will it be,
If you just let the Savior take it from thee.
He knows you are hurting, and you does he love,
He sees you're in pain and he's crying above.
He says let me in, give this to me,
For I miss the old girl that I want you to be.
The one's whose laugh could light up the room,
Not this depressed one that's filled with such gloom.
I'm longing to hug you, and hold you so tight,
But you push me away and all that is light.
I cringe at the thought that you think you're not loved,
He died for you, He bled from every pore,
You will ALWAYS be loved!

I recommend writing down your thoughts if you are ever having a hard time working through something. seriously it helps clear your mind. Just try it, you may be surprised how much it actually does help!

My mum and I went to IKEA yesterday. If you haven't been there before then I suggest you do. It is a very fun store. They have everything in the world. If you go then make sure you get some food at the top of the store. It is fun! I bought myself a bookshelf so that I can better organize my room. My mum and I set it all up. We had a lot of fun together. Seriously I love my family. They are my best friends. I would rather hangout with them then anyone else. Anyways after I got it all set up I was able to put all of my books in it. My room looks so much better! Its not cluttered anymore. I love it. I have my own desk area now where I can sit and blog. (Hence what I am doing right now.) It is very relaxing. There is something about a clean room that gets me excited to wake up in the morning. I love it!!

Salmon from IKEA- $6.99
Bookshelf from IKEA- $159.99
Spending time with Mum- Priceless

Me and Mum


Couch and Window

Desk area and window
My room
Well that's all I'm gonna write today! But hey for anyone reading this, have a great weekend. They go by fast so enjoy each moment!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


As I sit here writing today I keep thinking about how scatter brained I am. I have about 2,000,000 thoughts going through my head. Now I do realize this is an exaggeration, however, I really do have so many things I am thinking about. I almost don't even know what I should write. So forgive me for all of my random thoughts. Today I will only focus on several of them. I'll try to keep them organized so you don't become as confused as I am. ha ha

1. Isn't it incredible how you can have the worst day ever, how you can be on the verge of tears, and then someone says something funny and you forget all about it. It's like the sun shinning through the clouds. Your frustration or depression is temporarily on hold. You can relax and for those few moments you cab be lifted to a new level. A level of happiness and light. When you are laughing, there is a peace. A joy you feel that no one can take away from you.
I went to a women's conference two summers ago with my mom at UVU. One of the ladies talked about laughter. She literally had a whole talk about laughter. Can I just tell you I learned so much from her. Here are a few bullet points she made that stuck out to me:
  • Laughter reduces stress hormones
  • strengthens immune system
  • it is anti-aging
  • laughter is a form of aerobic exercise.
  • increases the level of endorphins
  • it is a natural pain killer
  • controls high blood pressure
  • gets rid of depression
  • increases creative powers and your imagination
  • shrinks the hurts of everyday life
  • a way to release anger
  • helps you to be more self-confident
  • It is proven that laughter changes the body from an acid state to an alkaline one.
This lady also stressed the point that we are from heaven and we need to try to see ourselves the way that God does. She said that we should not operate from limitations, but rather say to ourselves... "I have money, I have love, I am HAPPY!" I thought this was great. It's easy to forget about all of the great things we have. She said "The only one that can really know you is the one that created you. He is the only one that can reveal to you what and who you really are. Its time to AWAKEN TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE!! We need to make an offering to the world and live it out. We can make a difference."
This really stuck out to me. I love it! Every time I read it, I am inspired to be better. I want to give all that I can to make the world a better place for someone else. I need to start by laughing more. It's easy for me to focus on myself and get down on all the hard things I need to do. However, laughter truly is amazing! We all need to laugh more. It is literally good for our bodies and our souls.

2. My favorite book is called "Why Men Love Bitches." It is written by Sherry Argov. Now, I hope I don't offend the few of you that actually read my blog, but that is what it is called so I had to write the word bitch... oops. Please forgive me. Now the reason I like this book is because it encourages girls to have a mind of their own. It encourages them to stand up for what they believe and not to change for anyone. It tells you that if a man is not treating you right then you should run. I have to say that I agree. Completely. Come on girls, do you know how many men there are out there? MANY!! SO MANY!! If you are settling for a jerk... don't! Ok here are a few of the great things Sherry says in her book. Believe me after you read this you may be tempted to go out and invest on one of her books. I'll tell you right now, you will NOT be disappointed. Hold me to it! Borders has some... just fyi. ;)
  • It is your attitude towards yourself that a man will adopt.
  • When he can't have you it becomes more of a challenge.
  • Act like a prize and you will turn him into a believer.
  • Always prioritize yourself above him.
  • If you tell him you aren't interested, he will set out to change your mind.
  • The girl that isn't trying to be sexy is the one they take seriously and it turns him on.
  • Men don't respond to words, they respond to no contact.
  • When you are always HAPPY and he is always free to GO, he feels LUCKY.
  • A bitch won't let a man pull her away from her life because she is content with her own.
  • When you nag he tunes you out, when you speak with your actions he understands.
  • Don't let the routine become predictable, don't always be available for him, he likes the chase.
  • Negative attention is still attention, it lets him know he has you right where he wants you.
  • If you take his chores away from him and praise someone else for doing it, he will want his chores back.
  • Nagging is a sign of weakness.
  • Emotional women are seen as pushovers.
  • He'll forget what he has in you unless you remind him.
  • Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself or speak your mind. It will not only earn his respect, in some cases it will even turn him on.
  • The more independent you are of him, the more interested he will be.
  • If he doesn't give you a TIME, you DON'T have a date!!
  • "Once you start laughing, you start healing"
  • You can get away with saying a lot more humor then you can with a straight face.
  • If someone doesn't approve of you, it is just one person's opinion and of no real importance!
Ah... I LOVE that book. It seriously is incredible. Best book. I think some of those things are so dead on. Girls... if a boy tells you he likes you but isn't asking you out, then move on. If you are mad at a guy but you keep talking to him and pretending everything is fine, then guess what!! He is NOT going to change. Speak with your actions. Remember that because it is true!

3. Ok this will be my last random thought for today. Now that I have written a novel and enjoyed every minute doing it. I love change! Some of these things include:
  • change in weather. (It is time for spring and green. I love looking at the mountains in the spring and seeing green! I love tulips and all the colorful flowers that blossom in the spring.)
  • Change in age. (It is so fun to get older and then to look back and see how much you have changed. It's incredible how much you can change in a short amount of time.)
  • Change in attitude. (It is so nice to know that we can be happy whenever we want to. We choose our own attitude. We choose if we want to smile or cry. Now crying can be good too. It is a way to release pent up emotion. We need to get it out. However, you don't want to cry all the time. If you have to cry then do it. But then move on. Look up and face the world. Smile. :) Life is good!)
  • Change from the past. Spiritual change. (I think this is my absolute favorite change. I love to see the mistakes and sins I have done. When you change and truly repent it is beautiful. You feel relieved. You want to fly. You want to shout from the top of all the sky scrapers in New York. You want to bust out in the happiest most joyful song you can think of. When you have made a mistake and are able to overcome it and move on, you realize how much happier you are. When you have the Savior with you, you can do anything. You come to find out that you need him in your life. We all need him. He inspires change. He is the one that made it possible for us to change. I love it. I love him!! Change, repentance, and happiness all go together. It is beautiful!!)
I love life. I love my family, friends and most importantly my Savior. Life is good. We all have down times, we need to address them, work through them, and then move on. Keep your head up. There is so much to be grateful for. We are blessed every day with little miracles and if we look close enough, we will see them. Its easy when you know what to look for. Wow! Keep living, loving, and laughing. Those three things will get you from day to day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go to Switzerland! It is gorgeous there. Everyone has been predicting where Amanda will go on her mission. Which, by the way, she gets her call a week from tomorrow. Crazy exciting and a little sad for me. She is one of my best friends so of course I will miss her. I want to go to Switzerland sooooo bad!! If she gets called there then I will get to go there to pick her up. If you look at the picture below you will probably want to go there too. It is green and luscious, and I love the hills and the crystal blue lakes. I want to get a white sundress and dance around in a field of daisies. That is my dream! I hope Man will go there. haha
If she doesn't get called to Switzerland it will be ok. I will just need to go there on my mission. haha That isn't quite how it works, but it is still fun to think about. When I was little I read a book called Bloomability. I can't remember who wrote it, but I loved it! It takes place in Switzerland. It is such a good book. Ah... perhaps I will need to read it again. I don't have a lot of time to read right now. It is almost summer though and I will be able to read so much. We are going to Mexico in the beginning of May. I am excited! I will need to take several books with me to read at the beach. Julie Garwood is another favorite author of mine. For anyone looking for a good book, I highly recommend her!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My 1st Blog

WO0o! So I have officially created a blog. Without Amanda's help I would never have been able to figure this out. So I really ought to be thanking her right now. I think this will be a great way to relieve some unwanted stress in my life. I am hoping to clear my head by writing down my thoughts. Now... I do realize that this is basically a journal you post online for the whole world to read. So... in that case, enjoy!